World-Renowned Private Investigator Joins Search for Baby Gabriel

A private investigator well-known for tracking down Marlon Brando's son in the 1970's has joined the search for the 8-month-old Tempe baby who went missing more than a month ago.

Jay J. Armes, who ironically has two metal arms after his were blown off in an explosion when he was 12 years old, is known simply as "the investigator." The dick typically charges up to a million dollars for his assistance but is offering his services to the family of missing Gabriel Johnson for free.

Armes says the inconsistencies in the story the told by the mother of the missing baby, Elizabeth Johnson, who also happens to be the last known person to see the child alive, is what prompted him to lend a hand (pun intended). 

"Because of the way it happened, and the way the girl started lying from the beginning," Armes tells the San Antonio, Texas ABC affiliate WOAI. "At first, she had given it to a couple, and then she didn't know who the couple were. The harder the cases are, the more challenging they are to me."

Gabriel Johnson has been missing since before Christmas, when his mother disappeared with him after skipping a custody hearing.

Elizabeth Johnson turned up in Florida about 10 days later without the baby. She told police she had given the baby to a random couple she met in a San Antonio park but sent text-messages to the boy's father saying she had killed the child and put him in a dumpster.

San Antonio police still won't say they are investigating a homicide but have cordoned off sections of a landfill where the baby's body may be.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the FBI or the San Antonio or Tempe police departments.