Financial Planning Columnist in East Valley Tribune Getting Scrutiny After Duplicates Found in Other Papers

A guest column that ran in the June 19 edition of the East Valley Tribune was apparently not written by local financial planner Rebecca Warren (pictured), as the article's byline shows.

Editor and Publisher magazine uncovered a possible case of plagiarism when someone noticed the column running in other publications under different bylines. [Tip of cap to Nick Martin of for pointing us to E&P's article].

We found the article in a few more places, like here and here.

We tried to call Warren at the number in the column, but she hasn't yet returned a message.

She's published dozens of columns in the Tribune over the last few years, her Web site shows. Which means someone's got some explaining to do.

It may be that Warren wrote all those columns and is being plagiarized by other publications.

But if she's just putting her name on someone else's work, Tribune readers have a right to know.