Andrew Thomas Comes Up Short for Clean Elections Money, Needs 113 More $5 Bills

Andrew Thomas, the disgraced, ex-Maricopa County Attorney running for Arizona governor, has come up 113 five-dollar contributions short for Clean Elections cash.

Thomas and other gubernatorial candidates need 4,500 contributions of five dollars each to qualify for about three-quarters of a million dollars of public funds under the state's clean elections program. He can keep trying until the August 26 primary election to make the goal.


See also: -Top Eight Reasons Why Nobody Should Vote for Andrew Thomas for Governor in 2014 Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State, announced Thomas' shortfall in an official letter today. Of the Qualifying Contribution Form Slips Thomas turned in last month, 272 were deemed invalid for various reasons and were tossed out, leaving him with the 113 deficit.

Time for Thomas to hit the hot streets for a few more weeks, apparently. Or hope the donations come through his online campaign site.

Maybe blogger Rachel Alexander, Thomas' bad-girl former employee who had her law-license suspended, can pitch for him in her blog, like she did last year for her cat.

Bennett, a candidate himself, has already qualified for his pot of clean-elections money. However, the Associated Press reported today that State Senator Al Melvin's attempt to obtain enough contributions is faltering, forcing him to contemplate suspending his campaign.

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