This Weekend: Adam Yauch, Backyard Wrestling and Asses of Evil

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday: Gunnin' for that #1 Spot

Director Adam Yauch's documentary about NYC's Rucker Park hits theaters this weekend. See local b-ball hero Jerryd Bayless and seven other players looking for a shot at the NBA go head-to-head in a dramatic basketball showdown.

For more information, read "Baseline Killers" by Jay Bennett.

Saturday: Heaven and Hell Backyard Wrestling Presents Red, White and Pain

Assuming you're not already headed off to the Can't Stop the Serenity showings at Chandler Cinemas, you may want to take in some backyard wrestling. Nothing says summer fun like an old-fashioned beat down. Be sure to bring your own chair. You never know when you might need to clock someone.

For more information, read "Rabid Test" by Benjamin Leatherman.

Sunday: Asses of Evil at Cell Block Venue

Celebrate the lord's day with a gutter punk throw down courtesy of local thrash-masters Asses of Evil. Don't forget to be careful when you're attaching the safety pins to your ripped up jacket. Yipe!

For more information, read "Hard, Fast, Raw and Obnoxious..." by Niki D'Andrea