Occupy Tucson: 351 Total Arrests. Now That's an Occupation, Phoenix "Occupiers"

Tucson's "occupiers" can straight-up occupy.

According to the Tucson Police Department, 20 arrests were made yesterday during the "Occupy Tucson" demonstrations at two different parks in the city.

The 20 arrests make a grand total of 351 arrests since the "Occupy Tucson" demonstration began October 15, Tucson Sergeant Maria Hawk tells New Times.

Of the 20 arrests made yesterday, 12 were at Armory Park. An additional eight "occupiers" were arrested at Veinte de Agosto Park.

According to Hawk, 351 arrests doesn't necessarily mean 351 different people were arrested. She says several people have been arrested multiple times -- if they're arrested at one park, upon their release from custody, they'll often go to another park and get arrested again.

(Ahem) Brilliant.

Most of the arrests, Hawk says, were for remaining in a city park after hours.

Hawk estimates that on any given weekday, there are about 100 "occupiers" demonstrating in city parks. On Tuesdays -- when City Council meetings are held -- and on weekends, that number increases to up to 1,000 demonstrators.

Phoenix's occupation has been slightly less impressive, if we're using the number of arrests as the barometer for a successful occupation, which seems like the only logical way to gauge it considering the "occupiers" have no specific goal.

Phoenix police didn't immediately get back to us when we asked how many arrests have been made during Phoenix's occupation, but at last count there were only 46.

We dropped by Phoenix's occupation at Cesar Chavez Plaza again last week. Unlike the 100-plus who often "occupy" Tucson on a weekday afternoon, we only counted about 16 "occupiers."

We'll let you know when the Phoenix P.D. gets back to us with its arrest numbers.

UPDATE: Phoenix Sergeant Trent Crump tells New Times there have been approximately 50 occupation-related arrests since the "Occupy Phoenix" demonstration began earlier this month.