Tucson Group Giving Out Free Shotguns to City Residents

If you live in Tucson and don't have a shotgun to blast anyone who comes into your house uninvited, you're in luck.

A Tucson group called the Armed Citizen Project, funded by donations, plans to give away shotguns to people in certain areas of Tucson -- "for free!"

According to its website, the project already exists in Houston and is expanding to Tucson.

The simple explanation from the Armed Citizen Project is here:

The Armed Citizen Project is dedicated to facilitating the arming of law-abiding citizens and analyzing the relationship between increased firearm availability and rates. We are choosing mid- [to] high-crime neighborhoods in cities across America and offering defensive weapons to citizens that can pass a background check, and that will take our safety, legal, and tactical training. The data that we collect will be used in the completion of a policy study that will measure the deterrent effects of firearms on crime.

You can also find a seemingly sensible explanation on the website of why it chose its weapon of choice, a single-shot shotgun.

Down in Tucson, the Tucson Weekly heard that the program has $12,000 in pledges for Tucson, and the areas of interest to the group are Pueblo Gardens, Midvale Park, and Grant-Campbell.

The councilman who represents one of the areas told the Weekly that it sounds like "absolute lunacy."

Also from the Weekly, the group apparently plans to leave fliers around the areas, inviting residents to meetings, where they would get on the road to free shotgun ownership.