Believe it or Not, a Police Officer Says He Found Meth in Moses Ulloa's Car

According to a Glendale police officer, he found 10 grams of meth in a car being driven by the gentleman to our right.

In court documents obtained by New Times, the officer says he was driving the opposite direction of a car on 59th Avenue being driven by 31-year-old Moses Ulloa.

Police say Ulloa turned his headlights off, then back on, so the officer pulled him over.

Ulloa stopped his car, hung out the window, and yelled to the officer that he was sorry for flashing his headlights at him -- then drove away.

Since that's not how traffic stops work, the cop followed Ulloa until he stopped again.

It turns out, the license plate on Ulloa's car did not belong to him, as it was stolen out of Phoenix, police say.

Then police discovered the car itself was also stolen out of Phoenix, which led them to the methy surprise inside the car.

Aside from the 10 grams of meth, there was also an unidentified amount of weed, a scale, and burglary tools inside the car, according to court documents.

Ulloa was jailed on 10 felony charges, including transportation theft, controlling stolen property, possessing the burglary tools, and an array of drug charges.