Official State Gun One Gun-Lover's Signature Away From Becoming Embarrassing Reality in Arizona


Arizona is one signature from a gun-loving governor away from becoming only the second state in the entire country to have an official state gun, which isn't the end of the world, but given Arizona's current reputation as a hillbilly haven for far-right-wing extremists, it doesn't do much to help the state's already bad rep.

The Arizona House of Representatives approved a bill early this morning that would make the Colt single-action Army revolver the official state firearm.

Utah already approved a similar law that makes the M1911 its official state gun.

According to Reuters, cooler heads almost prevailed during last night's vote in the House. The bill was shot down at first, but managed to get enough votes to pass 32-25 during a second vote.

The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer, who seemed to catch a brief case of common sense earlier this week when she vetoed another gun bill that would have allowed guns on college campuses, and another bill that could have required presidential candidates to provide documentation describing what their penises look like in order to get on the ballot in Arizona.

Brewer's a gun-lover, though, and despite vetoing the guns on campus bill, is likely to sign this one.