Mesa Transient Stabs Other Mesa Transient. Suspect Rode Off on Pink Beach Cruiser

A homeless Mesa man got knifed by a woman -- who also happened to be a Mesa transient -- yesterday morning and then denied that the woman had anything to do with the stabbing.

Police got a call about 10 a.m. yesterday about a stabbing at 418 South Macdonald Road. When they got to the scene, they found the victim, who had cuts on his face, arm, and leg.

Fire crews bandaged the victim, but he refused any further treatment.

The victim told officers he was in an argument with a homeless woman he knew, who went by the name Christine or Kelly.

Christine (or Kelly) ended the argument by pulling out a knife and cutting the victim several times.

Then she took off on a pink beach cruiser.

Officers tracked down a woman matching the suspect's description. She was also identified by a witness.

The woman denied having anything to do with the stabbing. The victim agreed and refused to prosecute.

This means one of two things: police fingered the wrong homeless woman riding a pink beach cruiser, or homeless people have their own blue wall of silence.