Wife of Murdered Rancher Robert Krentz Hit by Drunk Driver

Our hearts, once again, go out to Sue Krentz, the widow of murdered rancher Robert Krentz.

Krentz was hit by an alleged drunk driver as she and a friend were walking outside of their church on Saturday night.

Police in Douglas say Krentz and a friend, Shirley Gregory, were hit by 66-year-old Ramon Saucedo about 6 p.m..

Saucedo, police say, was drunk.

Krentz is reportedly in pretty bad shape.

From the Arizona Republic:

Bill Snure, Sue Krentz's neighbor and a family friend, said she has a lacerated spleen, internal bleeding, broken ribs, broken leg, fractured pelvis, head trauma, and facial fractures.

"She's in pretty bad shape," he said.

Snure, who visited Krentz in a Tucson hospital on Sunday, described the event as horrific and said she was in and out of consciousness.

Snure said the timing of the event - only six months after Robert's death - shocked him. Snure also lost his father, Robert's best friend, in June when he died in a helicopter crash.

"It's just been a chain of tragedies," he said. "It's a lot for everybody to deal with."

Krentz was the subject of a New Times feature earlier this year called "Cowboy Down." Check it out here.

Saucedo was arrested on charges of suspicion of DUI, endangerment, and aggravated assault.

Police are investigating the incident and say if Krentz or Gregory dies, Saucedo could be charged with second-degree murder.