Larry Fitzgerald's SUV Busted Six Times by Speed-Cams, Including Three Tickets on Same Day

It would seem that there is one defender that Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald can't seem to shake: speed-cams -- the dreaded defender of Valley freeways.

Fitzgerald's Cadillac Escalade has been photographed by speed-cams as it was blasting down Valley freeways six times since August, according to a report from gossip-spewing Web site

Lucky for Larry, it seems there's a pretty good chance that he's not the one driving -- unless, of course, he owns a nerdy white-guy mask he throws on every time he flies past a speed-cam (this wouldn't be all that out of the ordinary around Phoenix, where a man in a monkey mask racked up 37 photo-radar tickets before getting caught).

In five of the six photos of Fitzgerald's car, the driver appears to be white. Check out the photos here.

The photos are a little grainy -- as is the case with many photo-radar pictures -- but you can clearly see that only one of the men pictured driving Fitzgerald's car can be positively identified as a black guy, and even he doesn't look a whole lot like the Cards star.

The drivers are more than likely just mooching friends of Fitzgerald's, but unfortunately for Larry, he's the one who gets stuck with the ticket.

Larry, if you're reading, you're in luck -- click here for everything you need to know about how to beat a photo-radar ticket...or six.