Shamed Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and One of His Henchwomen, Rachel Alexander (Dressed as Sarah Palin), in You Write the Caption

In honor of the Arizona Bar disciplinary hearings that could potentially conclude with disbarments of disgraced former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Deputy County Attorney Lisa Aubuchon and the law-license suspension of ex-county lawyer Rachel Alexander, we've opted to go with a picture of the Alexander and Thomas for this week's You Write the Caption Contest.

Click here to see our post on Alexander's testimony at the hearing.

We swiped the above photo from Alexander's Facebook page, available for all the world to see by clicking here.

As you can see, Thomas is sans mustache, and Alexander is doing her best Sarah Palin impression.

Here's how you play You Write the Caption: We show you a picture (above) and you -- in the comment section of this post -- write what you think would be an appropriate caption.

On  Monday, we'll announce the top-five reader captions and put them to a vote. The winner will receive a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building for a firm handshake and a lukewarm glass of municipal Phoenix tap water.

Do your worst, New Times readers -- and let's try to keep things somewhat polite (in other words, keep  death threats to a minimum).