Joe Arpaio, "Media Whore," Won't Go on Television for at Least a Week Due to Injury

Oh, boy, you know things are bad for publicity-hound Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he's not even well enough to appear on television.

The public-relations team for the self-proclaimed "toughest" sheriff in America sent out a memo to media this morning, and it kind of reads like one of those melancholy Christmas cards that folks send out to members of their extended family.

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Greetings from the Sheriff's Media Relations Staff,

Thanks to all who have extended your good wishes for the Sheriff's speedy recovery from his broken shoulder.

He's at home now, working hard at keeping his left arm still so it can heal properly.

He still hurts quite a bit, according to Ava and she says he won't be entertaining any interview requests this week.

We'll keep you posted as to when he is ready to face the cameras again.

Lisa, Brandon, Rico and Chris

Perhaps that's not an unexpected message from the PR team that has all but verified that their boss is a media whore.

Also, if you saw the videos of Arpaio from his hospital bed -- where he supposedly was being treated only for a broken arm, which kept him hospitalized overnight -- it might not be surprising that someone's decided the guy shouldn't be on camera. Looking like a lobotomy patient/candidate for a Life Alert commercial can't be too great for anyone's image.

Now, enjoy your Arpaio-free television programming for the next week, or more.