Naked Guy Throwing Clothes at Cars Delays Traffic on I-17; Why the Hell Would People Slow Down For That?

Several Valley commuters got front row seats to a strip tease on the side of the I-17 this afternoon when a pissed off motorist stripped down to the buff and started throwing clothes at oncoming traffic.

Department of Public Safety officials say they received a call at about 12:52 p.m. of a naked man throwing clothes at traffic on the I-17 at the stack transition.

"When we got there we found a very upset naked guy and a banged-up car on the side of the road," says DPS spokesman Bart Graves.

You would think that a naked guy throwing clothes at traffic would cause drivers to speed up to get the hell away from him but the naked man caused a delay as rubbernecks slowed down to gawk at what god gave him.

Graves says details are still a little sketchy as to why the man was so pissed off, or the more important question -- why the hell was he naked and throwing clothes at oncoming traffic.

DPS isn't releasing any details about the man but Graves says it seems as though the disrobed motorist had been in some sort of accident -- most likely prior to stripping down to his birthday suit.

Graves says the man was incoherent while being interviewed by DPS agents and that officers aren't sure if drugs or alcohol were involved.

The man was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital by Phoenix police and is likely to face indecent exposure charges.