Hot Links: Buses, Bomb Threats, and Bigamy

As temperatures go up in the Valley this summer, so will bus and light rail fares. Valley Metro announced that starting July 1, fares will be raised from $1.25 to $1.75 for a one-way ride, and all-day passes will leap from $2.50 to $3.50. (Or $5.25 if you purchase the pass on a bus). The company says the fare increase is needed to bring the public subsidy for the system up to a cap of 75 percent...Friday classes at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe have been canceled because of a threat. School administrators say a student found a note in a hallway yesterday that contained some sort of threat to the school. Police wouldn't disclose details, but say the note mentions today (Friday), and does not lay out a plan for a school shooting. FOX News reports the threat was a bomb threat...The Arizona Cardinals want to be bigger than the Dallas Cowboys in Mexico. The team's hoping to usurp the Cowboys as "America's team" in the eyes of Hispanics to increase merchandise and ticket sales, as well as sponsorships. The Cards have held youth football clinics in Mexico, and also offer radio broadcasts of their games in Spanish on a Spanish-language version of its Web site...A Valley man tried to sell a cell phone on Web site Craigslist, and ended up getting robbed at gunpoint by the potential buyer, according to Scottsdale police...Arizona lawmakers voted on Thursday not to postpone deadlines for layoff warnings to Valley teachers. The deadlines mandate that teachers be notified if there's a chance they'll be laid off or receive pay cuts next school year...He's no genius: A man named Charles L. Clemens Jr. has been charged with bigamy in Kansas City, Missouri, after it was discovered he had two wives living in the same apartment complex. Clemens' ruse was up when his second wife went to confront him about a domestic dispute in another apartment, and found him with wife number one.

Fares for bus, light rail set to jump July 1

Classes canceled at Tempe high school due to threat