Former Hospital Employee Sues After Claiming She Was Fired For Complaining About Nurse Pooping in Operating Room

The birth of a child is a special moment for any parent. Bringing a new screaming life into the world is so special to some people that they often videotape the chaos of the operating room as the child is being born. So what exactly is a parent, or surgical assistant, to do if, in the midst of the chaos, a nurse takes a dump in the middle of the delivery room?

If you work at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale and this actually happened (we find it hard to believe), the answer is sue the hospital.

In a complaint filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Susan Gipson, a former surgical assistant at the hospital, claims that among other unsanitary violations, a nurse pooped in an operating room while a woman was having a cesarean section performed on her.

According to the complaint, the nurse once crapped herself while working and "continued to work with fecal matter pouring down her legs and onto the floor, while in an operating room containing a woman in the midst of having a Caesarean operation with her uterus and other organs fully exposed."

In the complaint, Gipson claims that a nurse pooping on the floor of the operating room is only the begining.

Gipson claims that the nurse in question would hide surgical instruments from her as she was trying to keep track of them and make sure nothing wound up in a patient's body, a standard hospital procedure. She also claims the nasty nurse wore contaminated hospital scrubs and used "bare hands to evacuate blood clots directly out of patients' bodies."

Gipson says air vents in operating rooms were often covered with dust, rust, mold, dirt, and blood.

If this is true, let's hope the hospital was just doing some early Halloween decorating.

When Gipson complained to her superiors about the disgusting conditions, she claims, she was demoted from surgical assistant to secretary and was ultimately fired.

Funny how these things never seem to come out except through a disgruntled ex-employee.

We spoke to representatives at Banner Thunderbird Medical Cente, but the facility hadn't issued a statement by early afternoon.

However, Gipson's attorney, Kissandra Tysman, claims to have some fairly damning photos of the grotesque conditions that will help prove her client's claims.