Thomas Mettham, Caught Recording Kid in Bathroom, Says He Just Likes to Watch Men Poo

A 26-year-old Phoenix resident told police that he was "very ashamed" that he was caught with his cellphone in an occupied stall in the bathroom of a grocery store.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Thomas Mattham said he was trying to watch the guy in the stall defecate, but the part he was "very ashamed" about was that the guy was actually a kid, under age 18.

The kid was doing his business in the bathroom of a Fry's grocery store near Chandler Boulevard and 40th Street, and while he was looking at his own cellphone, he saw the reflection of another phone's screen behind him.

The kid immediately left the bathroom and told a store employee, and another employee who knew Mattham was able to identify him for police.

According to the documents, the kid was able to point out Mattham from a photo lineup, and police brought him in for questioning last week.

Mattham "admitted to putting his phone between the stalls to watch the male defecate, which arouses [him] sexually," the court documents state.

The documents continue, "[Mattham] did not know the victim was a juvenile and stated he was very ashamed that he was looking at the juvenile."

According to Arizona Department of Corrections records, Mattham had just been released from prison two days before the incident at the grocery store, after being paroled after serving barely a month of a one-year sentence for (surprise) voyeurism.

Mattham now faces another felony voyeurism charge.

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