Goran Dragic Shipped Off by Phoenix Suns for Ball-Hogging, Brick-Shooting Houston Rockets PG Aaron Brooks

The Phoenix Suns' front office was hinting at bringing in some big name players as the trade deadline approached Thursday, but all they ended up with was a point guard shooting 34.6 percent from the field and barely 6 feet tall.

The Suns announced their acquisition of Houston Rockets point guard Aaron Brooks, in exchange for Slovenian native Goran Dragic and a protected first-round pick.

John Gambadoro of KTAR had reported about some trades the Suns were considering -- including for Oklahoma City's Eric Maynor, Denver's duo of Ty Lawson and Raymond Felton, as well as a three-way trade that would have shipped off Robin Lopez, his hair, and Mickael Pietrus for Utah playmaker Paul Millsap.

Now with Dragic (and his smokin' hot girlfriend) in Houston, the Suns are stuck with Aaron Brooks, who shot just over 25 percent from the field in his five games before the trade.

Gambadoro says the Suns were frustrated with Dragic's inconsistent play -- we're not sure if that includes his 42.1 percent field-goal percentage -- but it seems like the Suns just wanted a guy who they were sure would play crappy basketball just about every night.

If Brooks plays in Phoenix as terribly as he has been in Houston this year, it wouldn't be that detrimental to the Suns.

If the Suns don't make the playoffs they'll hang on to their lottery pick for next year's draft, and fork over the previously-acquired first round pick from Orlando over to Houston.

Add in the fact that Brooks will cost $2 million more than Dragic next year, and you have just about all you need to know about the Suns' front office.