Arizona State University's 'Undie Run' Trying to Break World Record for Most Drunk and Naked College Students...Or Something Like That
Undie Run 2010.

​If you've attended Arizona State University since 2008, then you know that the last day of spring classes is dedicated to taking a drunken jog around campus in your underwear -- so why not make a world record out of it?

The fourth-annual ASU "Undie Run" takes place tonight, and group president Sean Leoni tells the State Press that the runners are applying to break the Guinness Book of World Records tally for the largest gathering of people wearing only underpants.

The current world record was established in June 2005, when an English group called the "Perverts in Leather Rally Club" got 547 people together in Weston-on-Trent, U.K.

Folks at the Undie Run claim that more than 15,000 Sun Devils attended last year's trot around campus, and that they expect more than 20,000 tonight.

The club says it's ASU's most-attended philanthropic event -- since you're supposed to show up with clothes on so you can donate them to charity before letting your junk flail around uncontrollably during the jog.

They're hoping to gather about three tons of usable clothing from the event, and will be donating the garb to five different charities: Arizona Helping Hands, Central Arizona Shelter Services, Andre House, StandUp for Kids, and Move for Hunger.

So if you're interested in donating some clothes to charity or just feel like creeping around some half-naked ASU chicks, the event runs from 6 to 10 p.m. tonight at the Student Recreation Complex fields on the Tempe campus.