New York Times to Retell Suicide of Local Millionaire Scott Coles

By John Dickerson

Look for a New York Times story tomorrow about the trend of executive suicides, including the tragic death of Phoenix millionaire Scott Coles.

The New York Times contacted Phoenix New Times today, in connection with our coverage of Coles, who took his life on June 2. He left behind a young family, including wife Ashley (pictured with him above) and a host of stunned investors.

We detailed the tragic rise and fall of Coles in July and delved into his company, Mortgages Ltd., in September.

Coles will be highlighted in the NYT overview piece about the trend of suicide during economic downturns. No word on whether the story will include the usual chilling mention of executives jumping out of New York skyscrapers in 1929 after Black Thursday. offers an interesting investigation into the legitimacy of that urban legend.