Congressman Shadegg: Healthcare Debate Bigger Than 9/11

Remember when John Lennon told a British journalist that he thought the Beatles were bigger than Jesus? True or not, it was probably a stupid thing to say -- and he only pissed off Christians.

It seems as though an Arizona congressman may have caught his own case of foot-in-mouth-disease in an interview with 92.3 (KTAR).

Congressman John Shadegg seems to think that the healthcare reform debate is bigger than 9/11.

"I think this is, probably, in terms of legislation affecting the lives of average Americans, the single most important moment in our lifetime," Shadegg said. "More so than anything else that I can remember. Certainly more so than the impeachment of President Clinton or even 9-11, and the decision to go to war, because this affects the healthcare of every single American."

You can hear the audio here.

Has the congressman been in an airport, or to a sporting event, or just about anywhere in the entire world since 9/11? If so, he might notice that things have changed just a wee bit.

Two words for Mr. Shadegg -- Patriot Act.

A call to Shadegg's Phoenix office was not immediately returned this morning.