Gorman Enters Congressional Race; Calls Washington Politicians "Out of Control"

State Senator Pam Gorman announced that she will be joining the growing field of potential replacements for Congressman John Shadegg.

Gorman says that Washington D.C. politicians are "out of control" and she seems to think she can change that.

This is the same Pam Gorman who caused a bit of a commotion last summer, when she stormed off the Senate floor in a huff, right in the middle of budget negotiations. She then disappeared to take a "Midwestern vacation." She quit her leadership position because she couldn't play nice with the rest of the Republican leadership when it came to the governor's proposed 1-cent sales tax increase, and didn't even bother showing up to a special legislative session that was held just before Christmas.

Sounds pretty, um, in control to us.

"If the last year has convinced me of anything, it's that the politicians in Washington are out of control. They are steering our country down a road that threatens not only our prosperity but the future prosperity of our children and grandchildren in ways that many of us could never have imagined. It has to stop," Gorman writes on her facebook page, the Arizona Guardian reports.

Gorman is now part of a growing number of Republican hopefuls interested in the seat, including state Senator Jim Waring and Representative Sam Crump. Other GOPers mentioned: Republican politico Wes Gullett, former Shadegg chief of staff Sean Noble, Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Neely, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, and TASER founder Tom Smith.