Playboy Reps Are Coming to Town, and They Want You! Assuming You're a Hot Chick, of Course

Ladies Valley-wide will have an opportunity to show off their naked ambition next week when representatives from Playboy will be in Phoenix in search of, um, talent.

You know what that means, ladies: gym, tan, laundry.

Reps for the tamest skin-mag around will be in Phoenix next week as they try and cast spots for Playboy magazine pictorials, Playboy Special Editions, and's Cyber Club.

Sorry, there won't be auditions to be the next Mrs. Hef, or even a Girl Next Door.

Playboy will also be looking for some coeds willing to bare it all as it's beginning to compile it's October 2010 issue, Girls of the Pac-10.

Playboy wants ASU and U of A students to come audition and (well) proudly represent their school.

Auditions will happen next Wednesday and Thursday, February 24 and 25, and Playboy would prefer we not tell you where they're being held in hopes of avoiding a "mob scene."

We're assuming the "mob scene" the magazine mentions is guys hoping to catch a glimpse of all the wanna-be playmates. If that's the case, we'll give you a hint as to the location of the tryouts: It starts with a "Sh" and ends with "eraton Crescent Hotel" at at 2620 West Dunlap Avenue in Phoenix.

Auditions begin at 10 a.m. Click here to register to audition.