Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne's Nemesis Mark Brnovich Files Nearly Twice the Number of AG's Signatures

Standing in the lobby of the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, having just dropped off more than 14,500 signatures to place his name on the ballot for Attorney General, former Arizona gaming director Mark Brnovich exuded the kind of confidence you'd expect from a candidate facing a primary opponent mired in scandal.

"Tom Horne will not be the nominee," Brnovich told reporters Wednesday afternoon. "So if he really cared about the Republican brand, if he really cared about the party, if he really cared about Arizona, he would do the right thing and agree not to run for re-election."

I won't turn blue waiting for that one. They'll have to drag Horne out of the AG's office in his chair, with him white-knuckling the latest version of his "Border Patrol" donors list.

Still, Brnovich seemed genuinely jazzed about his numbers.