The Marijuana Militia's Been Activated to Bring Medicinal Dope to Arizona


In the 1997 Quentin Tarantino film Jackie Brown, Robert DeNiro's character walks into an apartment and finds Bridget Fonda's flakey blonde character watching television with bong in  hand. He says to her: "You know that shit will kill your ambition." She replies: "Not if your ambition is to get stoned and watch TV"

Here in Phoenix our stoners are far more goal oriented.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, a stoner support group with the goal of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, is well on its way to getting an initiative on the November, 2010, ballot, the Arizona Guardian reports today.

The initiative would legalize pot for medicinal reasons like treating pain and would enter Arizona into the exclusive club of states -- such as Vermont, California, and Colorado -- that  have a medicinal marijuana law on the books.

The group needs about 150,000 signatures to get the legislation on the ballot and the guy managing the movement, crusader for cannabis rights Andrew Myers, says he already has 50,000 signatures and is expecting to get more than 250,000 by the time the campaign is over. 

"The truth of the matter is this is an overwhelmingly popular measure," Myers says. "Ballot access is the big issue."

The goal of the initiative, Myers says, is not to create a situation where dope fiends with a doctor can claim they have a headache and get awesome weed.

"This will be the most tightly regulated (program) in the country," he says. "It's not going to be anything like California's."

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer claims to have no opinion on the matter.

"That will be something that would go to the voters," Brewer said at a press conference today. "If it passes, we would abide by it."

The local cause is getting support from the national level, as well.

About two weeks ago the Medical Marijuana Project in Washington, D.C. gave the group about $60,000 to help recruit an army of ganja enthusiasts to help gather signatures for the initiative. In total, the group's gotten $110,000 from its national cohorts.

Dude, can you imagine an army of stoners with that much money on hand? Hope they don't spend it all on Doritos and Funyuns.