Pastor Steven Anderson's Still Nuts, Concerned About Possibly Racist Porno Magazine... National Geographic

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If, for some reason, you were wondering what ever happened to Tempe's Faithful Word Baptist Church preacher Steven Anderson, the answer appears to be "nothing," because the guy's still nuts.

Yes, the man who has led his followers to believe they should be praying for President Obama's death, that Justin Bieber is causing men to start looking like women, and that homosexuals should be put to death -- he's still nuts.

Since Anderson uploads his sermons to YouTube, we know that this weekend, Anderson spoke about a possibly racist pornography magazine that is often accessed by children.

That magazine is...National Geographic. Yes, the same geography and nature magazine known around the world for its photography.

"I've heard some people call it National Pornographic," Anderson said. "You know, as long as the people that are nude are black, it's OK. Apparently, according to them. You know."

He continued, "Because, basically, I remember when I was a young adult, it was a big thing in the news, 'The first nude, white woman in National Pornographic!' Because, for years, they've shown people of other races nude, they just wouldn't show white people."

It's sinful either way, Anderson said, but said that he remembered children in his class -- clearly not referring to himself -- memorizing the locations of nude photos in National Geographic by issue and page number.

For some reason, Anderson cut out the context of his message in the video, but another clip that leads into the "National Pornographic" bit details the "horrors" Anderson experienced when he went to a Christian junior high school.

Looking at National Geographic was the "mildest example" of the "horrors" at this Christian school, Anderson said.

So, if you missed out on church this weekend, you can get your lesson from Anderson's video below: