Watch ASU Students Chase Daniel Tosh Like He's Michael Jackson on a European Concert Tour *VIDEO*

Daniel Tosh is apparently in town to film an episode of his show, Tosh.0, after Arizona State University won his College Campus Invasion challenge -- despite having never entered the contest.

Since March, Tosh has been looking for the school with "the hottest cheerleaders or the best parties or the hottest cheerleaders." The most appropriate university won a live taping of Tosh's show at their school.

ASU, apparently, fit the bill.

Tosh already has been spotted at Casey Moore's Oyster House in Tempe, and was recently chased through a field on ASU's Tempe campus by dozens of star-struck Sun Devils.

Daniel Tosh is a funny dude -- and his show might be one of the funniest on TV right now. But he's the kind of guy you sit down next to on a bus and say "no shit -- Daniel Tosh." He's not the type of celebrity you chase through a field like an adolescent school girl on a quest for a lock of hair.

Someone had the sense to catch the stampede on film and posted it on YouTube -- and for that, we thank you.

Watch dozens of ASU students treat Daniel Tosh like he's Michael Jackson on a European concert tour below.