Phoenix Animal Groups Host Halloween Adopt-a-Black-Cat-athon to Prove Black Cats Aren't Bad Luck

If you're interested in getting yourself a little black pussy this weekend, you may want to head to the corner of 40th Street and Washington in Phoenix.

From Friday until Sunday, in recognition of Halloween, the Arizona Animal Welfare League and the SPCA will be hosting a black-cat-adoption marathon (what did you think we meant? Get your minds out of the gutter).

According to the AAWL, shelters tend to put a hold on adopting black cats around Halloween out of fear that people's superstitions could turn into abuse toward the cursed kitties.

Tina Eacret, director of Volunteer Services and Special Events for AAWL, says there is no evidence to support that theory and that her organztion is determined to disprove the myth.

"We're trying to promote that black cats are not bad luck," Eacret tells New Times. "It seems highly unlikely that a person with bad intentions will go into a shelter, pay as much as a $50 adoption fee, and sit through an adoption-counseling session."

If that's what she thinks, Eacret is probably unfamiliar with the infamous East Valley "Pussy Piercer," who has claimed at least 14 feline victims over the last several weeks.

The AAWL will be at the corner of 40th Street and Washington from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.