Candidate for Treasurer Andrei Cherny's Wife has Baby Just in Time For Election Day. Naturally, We're Suspicious

Attention, Andrei Cherny: we're hip to you.

As we've seen throughout the 2010 election season, family values matters to Arizona voters, and in a final push to drum up support for his campaign for state Treasurer, Democratic candidate Andrei Cherny ordered his wife to have a baby last night -- just in time for election day.

OK, so that's not entirely true. You can't exactly order someone to have a baby on command, and labor wasn't induced, according to Cherny. But given some of the absurd claims made by politicos throughout the 2010 election (most notably, former state Senator Pam Gorman's claim that Ben Quayle got married for the sole reason of running for Congress, PR honcho Jason Rose's belief that the term "national poster boy" is racist, and attorney general candidate Felicia Rotellini's assertion that Tom Horne is pro-kiddy-porn) we figured we'd beat the doubters to the punch when it comes to the convenient timing of Cherny's new baby.

Arabelle Sophia Cherny was born at 11:29 p.m. yesterday, after Cherny finished up a last-minute swing across the state in an actual push to drum up support for his campaign. She weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces and by all accounts is healthy.

"Two hours after we returned to Phoenix from our 24-hour campaign swing, my wife Stephanie went into labor, and we rushed to the hospital. Stephanie and Belle are doing great," Cherny says. "I'm going to take our son Ben voting in the morning and then to the hospital to meet his new little sister. And then its back out on the campaign trail. I haven't slept in three days, but I'm excited about both election day and this beautiful new addition to our family. Whatever else happens today, I've already won."

Congratulations to the Cherny family. As for "whatever else happens today," stay tuned to Valley Fever for full coverage of tonight's election results.