Students Form Group to Get ASU Back on Top of Playboy "Party-School" List

As you may recall, Arizona State University's (ahem) prestigious "party school" image has been tarnished in recent years, as President Michael Crow continues his ruthless campaign against fun in his quest to create "The New American University."

As a result of Crow's vicious blitzkrieg on students' social lives, the Sun Devils fell to 15th on Playboy magazine's list of the country's top party schools. Fortunately, a group of more than 2,000 students aren't going down without a fight and have turned to Facebook to help get ASU back on top.

The Facebook group "Make ASU Playboy's Top Party School" serves as a forum for students to post photos of them partying, share suggestions about how to party better, and advertise upcoming parties.

In 2002, Playboy named ASU the number-one party school in the country, and these students are hoping to re-claim that former glory.

ASU sophomore, Chelsea Frank, is a member of the group and calls Crow's antics an act of "douche-baggery," saying ASU needs to get back to its partyin' roots.

"I came out here from New York expecting to walk into an Asher Roth music video, because ASU was supposed to be a renowned party school," Frank tells New Times. "What is this 'New American University' bullshit?' We're not god-damn Harvard or Yale!"

"Douche-baggery" or not, Crow's leadership has earned him a spot on Time Magazine's list of the country's top 10 university presidents, so plans to start draping ASU buildings with ivy are probably on his mind.

Frank, who admittedly has spent a night in the clink after getting busted on a minor in-consumption ticket, says students need to get the party rolling again or she's fixin' to split.

"I'm thinking of transferring next year, because it's just not the experience I was hoping for," she says. "I hear about these riots at WVU, UF, SUNY Albany, Maryland, UCSB etc. -- people burning couches in the streets, screaming off their balconies, running into the middle of a lecture doing a beer bong and then running out -- shit like that."

Sound like heaven?

Considering the Playboy party school rankings are anything but scientific (as far as we know, flaming couches are not yet an accurate barometer for a successful party), the editors rely on student feedback to make their decisions. You can nominate your school or tell the tale of your most triumphant party by clicking here

Party on.