Carl Seel, House Republican, Hates Agenda 21, but Doesn't Know What He's Talking About

Republican State Representative Carl Seel just detests the United Nations' Agenda 21 -- he and his pal, Senator Judy Burges, have been trying to prevent part of that agenda, the Rio Declaration, from being used in Arizona.

On the House floor yesterday, however, Seel was unable to produce the reasoning as to why he was trying to amend a bill to ban any government agents in Arizona from implementing any aspect of the Rio Declaration.

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This is why House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, a Democrat, did what he's supposed to do when the members of his party are outnumbered (which is always) -- be a complete pest.

So, after Seel proposed the amendment, referring to it as a "technical correction" to one of his bills, Campbell asked Seel to explain.

Seel's brief explanation (as seen in the video below) was that it "protects the civil liberties" of people -- a nice non-answer.

"Can you elaborate on some of those encroachments of the federal government?" Campbell asked.

Seel replied that it's "articulated in the language of the bill" -- another non-answer.

Campbell tried again, and asked for examples of the Rio Declaration infringing on the rights of "anyone in this country."

Seel conceded that it "may not have yet," but said he's trying to prevent the Rio Declaration from infringing on someone's rights -- another non-answer.

Seel said Campbell could "go online, do a little research," and find out how it's infringing on people's rights.

"I'd be happy to have an ongoing dicussion with you outside of the floor," Seel said, still failing to come up with an answer.

Campbell cited part of principle one from the Rio Declaration -- "Human beings are at the centre of concern for sustainable development" -- and asked if Seel had a problem with that one.

"I'm not prepared to answer that question at this moment in time," Seel responded.

Campbell shot back, "Why were you prepared to introduce this amendment today, if you're not prepared to debate the amendment today?"

Seel then stated that he wouldn't answer any more questions from Campbell. He also refused to answer the questions of a couple more Democrats on the floor.

So, having caught Seel with his pants down, Campbell and Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego then "questioned" each other, and Gallego asked if the "Black Helicopter Caucus" came up with this amendment.

Seel interjected to cry about it, saying that Gallego was referencing black helicopters "in a disparaging manner."

The chairman of the floor committee told Gallego -- "in all seriousness" -- to cut down on the references to black helicopters.

Gallego responded, before being cut off, "Mr. Chair, just for clarification, is it the color of the helicopter, or is it...?"

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As you may recall, on the Senate side, Burges said Agenda 21 is "sinister and dark." It says "people should be rounded up" and removed from land they own, it calls for a "redistribution of wealth," "will destroy Arizona business," and "control every aspect of our lives," Burges said in the committee hearing.

"I don't know what you call that, but I certainly call it communism," she said, before falsely stating that Brazil is a communist country.

People from state and local government organizations have testified that their legal analysts found this bill conflicting with a lot of laws, since the language is really broad -- so it's not just harmless teabaggery, trying to pass a symbolic law based on a symbolic treaty.

You can see the entire video of Seel's pathetic House floor episode here (it's "04/04/2013 - House Floor Session Part 3 - Committee of the Whole #2 & Third Reading").