Hot Links: Disabled Services, Jim Balsillie, and a Butt Stunt

Despite a lawsuit on behalf of the developmentally disabled that challenges a January budget-balancing law, the Arizona Supreme Court declined to review a Court of Appeals ruling that would allow budget cuts in services for disabled people. Among the services that can be cut are various forms of therapy and in-home attendant services...The Chandler City Council voted last week to maintain an almost $300,000 reward program for select city employees. The council also voted to ban city employees who accept early retirement or voluntary separation buyouts from working for the city again for up to three years...Canadian Jim Balsillie, who's trying to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes for $212.5 million, filed a relocation application with the NHL league office last night. In the application, Balsillie outlines the reasons he thinks the league should consider letting him relocate the team to Canada. A judge has given former Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes and the NHL a June 9 deadline to present arguments on whether or not the team should be moved...Valley branches of Planned Parenthood have increased their security in the wake of the fatal shooting of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller. A spokesman for the company says it's coordinating with local law enforcement and increasing its own security to "protect the safety and privacy of our patients and staff"...Valley residents living near 10th street and McDowell road say that more than a dozen peacocks have taken up residence in the neighborhood. Some residents enjoy the presence of the colorful birds, while others complain they're too loud in the mornings...Continuing its proud tradition of butt-trauma humor, the MTV Movie Awards included a stunt that saw Sacha Baron Cohen land face-first in Eminem's lap with his bare butt in the rapper's face. Insiders now say the stunt was planned, as Eminem was wearing a live microphone during the incident. Not surprisingly, ratings for the awards show were nearly double those of last year's program.

Cuts in Ariz. disabled services remain in force

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