Morning Poll: Who Won Last Night's Gubernatorial Debate?

Arizona has had more than its fair share of bad characters in the governor's chair for too many years.

Ev Mecham: Impeached. Fife Symington: Convicted. Jane Hull: Alt Fuels. Napolitano: Credit Card's Maxed Out -- Time to Quit.

Now we've got these bozos to choose from.

Jan Brewer, the favorite of voters in the polls, for now, had a brain fart in her opening remarks. Her mind went blank for 15 seconds -- a minor faux pas, maybe, and one to which many people can relate. But seriously, with her, it figures.

If you didn't catch the debate, it's online at the Channel 8 (KAET-TV) Web site.

Yesterday, we asked you if Jon Hulburd, the Democratic candidate squaring off against Ben Quayle in the Congressional District 3 race, is really a DINO (Democrat in Name Only). Results: 29 clicks for "No;" 19 clicks "Yes."