Better Use of Maricopa County Taxpayer Coin: Joe Arpaio Legal Defense, or Submarine?

As Sheriff Joe Arpaio's attorney plans to appeal federal Judge G. Murray Snow's ruling that found MCSO guilty of racial profiling, there are some questions you should be asking yourself as a Maricopa County taxpayer.

Our colleague Stephen Lemons reported that the county's shelled out $1,025,241.46 for legal defense in Melendres v. Arpaio, and that number will only grow.

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Of course, the appeal will only make that cost higher (a lot higher).

That said, while thinking of more judicious uses of taxpayer money, we stumbled across this submarine that costs just a little north of $1 million. It'll end up being cheaper than Arpaio's legal defense.

With this, four people can go underwater as far as 100 meters at speeds up to 4 knots, to explore the depths of Maricopa County's great bodies of water, like, uh, uh... Saguaro Lake?

Now, what would you say is a better investment here, John Q. Taxpayer: to continue to pay for Arpaio's defense, or this submarine?

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