"Spiritual Warrior" James Ray Gives Sweat Lodge Victim's Family $5K; Gee Thanks

The self-help guru who organized the "Spiritual Warrior" sweat lodge retreat near Sedona that left three people dead and dozens injured is offering his condolences in the form of a check -- too bad it's for about half as much as the victims paid to go and sit in a sweat tent.

Virginia Brown, the mother of Kirby Brown, told CNN's Larry King that she received a sympathy card from Ray about two weeks after her daughter tragically died in the sweat tent. Along with the card -- a check for $5,000. 

"It's laughable,"  Virginia Brown said on Larry King Live Monday night. "My daughter paid twice that to go to his event."

Victims reportedly paid as much as $9,000 for the retreat, which was promised to be "one of the most intense experiences of their lives."

Well, that part's got to be true.

On the card, Ray wrote to the victim's mom: "
Please accept this financial assistance."  On the check he penned "In honor of Kirby Brown."