MCSO Detention Officer Accused of Violating Woman With Bat, Sticking Gun in Her Mouth

A detention officer at one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails is accused of violating a woman with a baseball bat, pepper-spraying her vagina, sticking a gun in her mouth, and more.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, William Glen Edmond -- identified in court filings as an employee of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office -- admitted to some of the allegations against him.

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According to the documents, the 29-year-old victim, whom we won't identify, called Avondale police to her apartment last week to report that Edmond assaulted her.

Edmond "used a wrestling hold on her," removed her pants and underwear, and inserted a "wooden souvenir bat" into her vagina, the woman said.

Edmond then got in the shower after having sex with the woman, and the woman left. When she came back, Edmond was pointing a .40-caliber handgun toward her and ended up ripping off her necklace, tearing her shirt, and breaking her cellphone, according to the documents.

The woman's three children were standing by the woman during this.

When she went to police with this, she also told investigators about prior incidents involving Edmond.

In 2005, he pepper-sprayed her in the vagina and also used a Taser on her that same year, she claimed. He had also put a gun in her mouth before, thrown high-heeled shoes at her, and used "wrestling-type moves" on her, she said.

Police made a few attempts at a confrontation call between the two, but Edmond's phone was either off or out of range.

Police did interview the woman's 7-year-old daughter, who said she saw Edmond hitting her mom with a bat, but said she did not see him with a gun.

While this girl was being interviewed, Edmond somehow found out that interview was taking place and showed up to the child-advocacy center in Avondale, where he was arrested.

Edmond denied that he had pepper-sprayed the woman's vagina, but did admit to threatening to pepper-spray the toilet seat, so it would burn when she sat down, according to the documents.

He admitted to the baseball-bat incident but said he stopped doing it a couple of seconds after the woman told him not to.

Edmond told officers he was "irate" afterward and admitted to breaking the woman's necklace and tearing her shirt. He said he "did not remember" pointing a gun at the woman but said "it was possible," the documents state.

He said he did place an unloaded gun in the woman's mouth at one point and admitted to using a Taser on her, using a free one he received in "Taser school."

He said he "has anger issues and he is sorry," according to court documents.

Edmond was booked into jail on several charges, including sexual assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and endangerment. He's being held without bond.

The Sheriff's Office did not immediately respond to a request for more information about Edmond's employment.

UPDATE 11:16 a.m.: MCSO spokesman Joaquin Enriquez says Edmond, now a soon-to-be former detention officer, was hired in 2005. He was assigned to "custody services."

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