Unaccompanied Minor Children from Central America Testify Before Members of Congress

Three children from Central America who came to the United States unaccompanied appeared before members of Congress on Tuesday to explain their journeys to the United States.

Democratic Congressman Raúl Grijalva hosted the hearing with other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Grijalva said he didn't want people, especially members of Congress, to become "detached" from the issue of Central American children fleeing their countries for the United States, as several proposals have been made in Congress to deal with the issue.

"I think as a Congress we're missing the point of this whole issue," Grijalva said. "The point is that were talking primarily about children, we're talking primarily about their fleeing violence and fleeing many times for their own safety and lives. And we're missing the point that, as a nation, we're the embodiment of those values that protect the weaker, those values that protect the people fleeing persecution and prosecution."