Gabriela Compton, Former Middle School Teacher's Aide, Gets Probation for Sexing One Student and Sexting Another

Update: Gabriela Compton Sentencing: Lawyer Weighs in on the Controversy

Welcome to the wide world of teacher sex-scandal sentencing, as former middle school teacher's aide Gabriela Compton was sentenced this morning to a life on probation.

Compton, now 21, was arrested in March 2011 after principals at Phoenix's Western Valley Middle School found out Compton had been sending nudie pictures to students.

As you can imagine, the teenage boys on the receiving end of those pictures didn't exactly keep the pics to themselves.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, the police investigation led to the cops finding out Compton had groped a student, and had sex with another.

Compton exchanged cell phone numbers with a 14-year-old male student in late February 2011, according to the documents, and the student asked Compton to send him a picture of herself.

Compton cut to the chase, and sent over the picture of her topless, according to the documents, and the student sent her a picture back of a penis. We say "a" penis because he sent her one he found on the Internet.

After a few more rounds of sexting, Compton picked up the boy and a few of his friends to drive them home, except she took a quick detour to have sex with the 14-year-old student in the back of her van while parked in an industrial park near 67th Avenue and Van Buren Road, the documents said.

Then a 13-year-old student told his story to the cops. He told police he did the sexting thing with Compton as well, and he and the 14-year-old student compared notes the nude pictures of Compton they received, according to the documents.

The documents also stated Compton told the boy that she wanted to "rub his cock," and he replied by telling the teacher's aide that he wanted to grab her breasts -- and you betcha the teenaged boy told police he did, after Compton bought him some shoes and a shirt at the mall.

Compton asked the boy if he wanted to have sex, according to the documents, and told him that they could do it "for his birthday," which was coming up, but apparently not before Compton's arrest.

Police said the pictures of Compton had made the rounds at school, and during a controlled call between Compton and a female student, Compton admitted to sending the photos to several students, and to having sex with the 14-year-old, according to the documents.

The court documents said Compton pretty much copped to everything in an interview with detectives, and when the detectives informed Compton that what she did was illegal, Compton said "ya, I know."

With the help of a grand jury, Compton faced three counts of sexual abuse, three counts sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of furnishing obscene or harmful items to minors.

According to court records, Compton took a plea deal in March, pleading guilty to three counts of sexual abuse.

Judge Janet Barton sentenced Compton this morning to three terms of lifetime probation with sex-offender terms.

James King contributed to this post.