Kansas Cop Accused of Stealing a Joe Arpaio Poster From a Meth-Head Lawyer

Adding to the list of illogical things surrounding the aura of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Kansas cop is accused of stealing a framed poster of the sheriff from an office belonging to a former lawyer convicted on meth charges.

Really, the only thing better about this than the fact that an ex-prosecutor convicted of meth charges had a framed poster of Arpaio hanging in his office is that the cop just had to have that poster.

The criminal information document submitted by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Wichita, Kansas is pretty brief, but states that Spencer Coate -- a police officer in Galena, Kansas -- stole the poster of Arpaio and another poster of a duck from the suspect's law office in June 2009.

The posters were just hanging on the wall in the office where the search warrant was served, and Coate's accused of taking them with him "while acting under color of law" as a police officer.

According to a past Associated Press story (confirmed by the name and address in the criminal information document), that office belonged to Jeffrey Pittman, a former assistant prosecutor in the area.

Pittman was running his law office out that location, that is, until the whole meth thing went down.

The AP says he was arrested on a warrant for "possessing meth ingredients" after being pulled over for a broken taillight.

The search warrant office led police to "meth ingredients, items used to make the illegal drug and drug paraphernalia," according to the AP, and allegedly led one cop to a new poster of Sheriff Arpaio.

While in jail, Pittman was caught making phone calls to his girlfriend, trying to get her to smuggle some meth to him into the jail through another inmate, according to the AP.

Pittman was convicted on four meth-related charges in late March, while the cop who allegedly took his poster of Sheriff Arpaio faces a misdemeanor charge.