Nearly Half of Arizona's Democratic Voters Undecided in U.S. Senate Primary, New Poll Shows

The latest poll numbers in Arizona's Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate show the race is still up for grabs -- and that's despite former Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman's war chest of more than a million dollars.

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, released today, nearly half of Arizona's likely Democratic voters haven't yet picked a horse in the four-way race.

The leader in the race, Glassman, isn't turning any heads with his numbers, either.

The poll found that Glassman is the front-runner with 15 percent of the vote, while 47 percent of those polled were still undecided -- less than a month before primary day.

Former state Representative Cathy Eden takes the silver medal with 11 percent, labor leader Randy Parraz gets the third spot with 10 percent, and former New Times columnist John Dougherty finds himself at the bottom of the list with 7 percent.

These numbers are virtually identical to a similar poll taken a month ago.

In that poll, Glassman and Eden were nearly tied, each with about 12 percent, and 46 percent were undecided.

With only an 8-percent margin separating the leader from the last-place finisher, and with 47 percent of the vote still unclaimed, this race is wide open.