Local Media Praised and Roasted in PR Firm's "Fourth Estate Awards"

Jason Rose, the big-haired fighter of bad PR

Jason Rose built his reputation in public relations by pimping clients with serious image problems, like Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and LifeLock Corporation.

But his success also depends on sucking up to the media, hence his company's annual Fourth Estate Awards. The cheeky list offers dozens of zingers, many of them fairly humorous, about local journalists, TV anchors and radio personalities. Sometimes the awards are complimentary, other times not. The ribbing is always tame, though, because in Rose's business it doesn't pay to burn bridges.

Here's a sample:

Best Porn 'Stache -- Mark Curtis, Channel 12

Best Name for a Restaurant -- Ofelia Madrid, Scottsdale Republic

Most Likely to Appear in a Clock Tower -- Bruce Jacobs, KFYI

Though some of the awards can be appreciated only if you know the recipient, a few of you news junkies may enjoy the complete list, so click here to see my very own signed copy.

I have a conspiracy theory about how I ended up with "Best Art Bell," but the government won't let me talk about it. -- Ray Stern