Joe Arpaio, Elderly Sheriff, Claims He's a Victim of Discrimination (LOL)

Elderly Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio claims he's a victim of discrimination.

Because of Arpaio's age, he's being targeted by MCSO deputies who are pulling over elderly drivers en masse. He's being grilled about his citizenship because of how his skin looks, and is being held by deputies longer than people who don't look like him. Whoops, never mind, we're thinking of Latino people.

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Fox 10 stroked Arpaio's ego for a TV segment yesterday, and Arpaio, who's turning 81 next week, claimed he's the victim of age discrimination.

"What, do you think I'm going to drop dead or something?" Arpaio asked the giggling reporter.

That's exactly what people think is going to happen. In fact, more than 66 percent of New Times readers who voted in our poll think Arpaio will leave office dead, compared to just 13 percent who think he'll leave office alive, but in handcuffs.

And, gee, why would they think that?

Maybe they're concerned about a Sheriff who has to be hospitalized for several days after tripping over himself on a Phoenix sidewalk, looked somewhere between three-quarters and seven-eighths dead, and wasn't seen in public for weeks,

Arpaio already guaranteed that he's running in 2016, and -- God forbid -- if he wins that election, he'd be a lot closer to 90 when he would finish that term. Get outta here with that discrimination nonsense.

Check out the interview below:

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