Dean Martin Leads in Governor's Race, According to Latest Rasmussen Poll

Treasurer Dean Martin got some welcome amore (Rat Pack pun intended) from the latest Rasmussen poll, which shows him as the front-runner for this year's gubernatorial election.

The news may be a kick in the head (Rat Pack pun intended -- again) for the former front-runner, Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard, who led by two percentage points in the same poll last November

Now, according to the poll, Martin leads Goddard by nine percentage points -- 44 percent to 35 percent.

"I am pleased to see we have surged into the lead so quickly just one week after my announcement. This proves that our plan for Arizona's future which focuses on fiscal responsibility, job creation, education achievement, and border security is resonating with voters." Martin says. "We have a long way to go until the race is over, and a lot of work to do, but you can obviously see that voters are tired with the status quo and are ready for a new generation of leadership for Arizona."

Martin announced his candidacy on January 13 and spent a week canvassing the state to drum up support.

Martin will have some company in the Republican primary, though. Several other potential candidates have emerged over the last several months including appointed Governor Jan Brewer, who is hoping to keep her job. Too bad for Jan, but according to the same poll Brewer currently has a 60 percent disapproval rating.

Political rookie, political opportunist, and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, who had feverishly campaigned to unseat Brewer as the GOP's top elephant in the race for governor, announced last week that he would end his campaign for governor to run for John Shadegg's soon-to-be vacant congressional seat.

Could Parker's exit from the race have played a roll in Martin's new lead? Probably not -- Parker wasn't even mentioned by name in the November poll so we can't imagine he had Martin shakin' in his boots at the thought of facing him in a primary.