Sky Harbor Flyer Kicks Cops, Threatens "Black Boyfriend" Will Have Sex With Cop's Daughter

A Southwest Airlines employee at Sky Harbor airport called police last week to report an "irate" Scottsdale woman who was yelling and screaming after being informed that she wouldn't be flying to California that day.

Turns out, "irate" was an understatement, as police say 37-year-old Jill Pemberton kicked two cops, threatened to kill them, threatened that her "black boyfriend" was going to have anal sex with one cop's daughter, and spit on another cop, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Pemberton, who was celebrating her birthday that day, was found by police lying down in the seating area of a TSA checkpoint. After telling Southwest employees to "fuck off," she told responding officers, "Fuck you, I'm going to my gate to fly to California," according to the documents.

She then proceeded to kick a Phoenix police officer twice before she was handcuffed and was escorted a grand total of 50 feet before she managed to kick another cop, according to the documents.

Police tried to have Pemberton treated by fire personnel after her multiple struggles with police, and as you can imagine, police say she told the firemen to "fuck off."

At one point, she threatened to kill the officers, and made another, um, interesting threat to the cops.

"Your daughter is going to get fucked by my black boyfriend in her ass," Pemberton said, per court documents. "Your wife loves it."

About 90 minutes later, another officer showed up to transport Pemberton from the holding cell at the airport, and she spit on him, landing her loogie right below his eye, the documents state.

According to the court filing, Pemberton -- who now faces three charges of aggravated assault on a police officer -- has a prior arrest for possession of a narcotic drug.

We suppose the Phoenix cops won't have a new Facebook friend in Pemberton.

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