Is Suspension Too Harsh For Eighth Graders Who Threatened to Set Teacher on Fire (Or Cut Out her Tongue, Drown Her, Or Run Her Over With Truck)?

The Chandler Unified School District decided yesterday to uphold a semester-long suspension for five eighth grade students who threatened to kill their teacher by -- among other methods -- setting her on fire, cutting out her tongue, drowning her, or running her over with a truck.

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The students, four girls and one boy, ages 12 and 13, aren't allowed to go back to Santan Junior High School until next semester, and some -- their parents, especially -- are concerned the punishment is too harsh.

"I, as many others, sincerely believe the long-term suspension extending through the end of the semester is beyond unjust and severe," Kim Thomas, the mother of one of the girls, wrote in a letter to district administrators last month. "In no way is this punishment fitting of the actions demonstrated by the students."

The board is allowing the students to finish the semester at another school within the district, so it's not like these kids are being told they can't go to school.

If you ask us, these kids got off easy -- they threatened to kill a teacher.

We want to know what you think, though: is a semester-long suspension?

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