Michael Surgeon Had So Much Kiddie Porn on His Computer That it Crashed

Mesa resident Michael Jared Surgeon had so much kiddie porn on his computer that it caused his hard drive to crash. Apparently not caring that his computer was jam-packed with kiddy porn, he took it to a computer-repair shop -- and that's why he's currently facing 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, on June 7, 2010, Surgeon brought his computer to the Data Doctors store in Tempe after its hard drive crashed.

Technicians at the store diagnosed the problem rather quickly: Surgeon had over 1,000 images and videos of kiddy porn stored on the hard drive.

Some of the titles of the videos and images include "4-Year-Old Girl Mafiasex," "Children Kids Hard," "4-year-old Jackoff Dad," and "Little Girl Rape Sex."

The technicians at Data Doctors contacted Tempe police, who got a warrant to search the computer and confirmed that the images were child pornography, much of which apparently is pretty popular among pederasts -- many of the videos and images found on Surgeon's computer were the same as those flagged by authorities during other kiddie porn investigations.

Surgeon wasn't contacted by police until August 20, at which point he was Mirandized but still spoke to detectives.

Surgeon offered authorities a pretty interesting yarn: according to him, he found the kiddie porn online using the file-sharing program Limewire. He claims he collected the porn so he could report it to the Internet provider using an anonymous e-mail service. He claims he kept the images just in case the Internet provider had any further questions -- despite claiming to report the porn anonymously.

Over a 24-month period, Surgeon estimates that he downloaded well-over 1,000 images and videos of kiddie porn.

Surgeon was arrested on Wednesday at Tempe St. Luke's Hospital. He's being held on $28,000 bail. His next court date is scheduled for September 28.