Hot Links: Obama Out-Debates McCain, Arpaio's Goons Target Mesa Library, Stone's W. Shows Bush as Party Boy.

By Stephen Lemons

Obamarama brushes off Old Man McCain's attacks in final debates. Polls say Obama won. Sheriff's SWAT raids Mesa library looking for illegals. Board of Supes protesters duct-tape mouths. (And we thought the Supes'd done that for 'em.) Guard on celly while killing went down in Joe's jails. State Dept. says Nogales, Sonora too risky for Yankees. And they ain't just talkin' 'bout the water. Valley transportation projects $4.5 billion short. Suns singe Atlanta Hawks' feathers. Shaq stalking case put off a month by Georgia judge. Blog tracks Napolitano's new speed cameras. Oliver Stone's W. depicts Bush as beer-lovin' frat boy, goofy prez. And Kevin Smith's new flick too dirty for ads? And you thought Clerks was bad...

McCain goes on attack in last debate.

But Obama still won in the eyes of most viewers.

MCSA-ers duct-tape mouths in silent Board of Supes protest.

Guard on cell phone during murder in Joe’s jails.

Nogales risky for Americans, State Dept. says.

Valley transit projects $4.5 billion in the red.

Sheriff’s SWAT hunts Hispanics at Mesa City Library.

Suns scorch Hawks, 102-100.

Shaq stalking trial postponed by Georgia judge.

Nappy’s movable speed cameras tracked by new blog.

Stone's W. depicts Bush as drunk frat boy, goofy prez.

Kevin Smith’s new flick too dirty for ads?