Did Angelica Jimenez Get Off Easy for Allowing Her Boyfriend to Use 4-Month-Old as an Ashtray?

Yesterday, Angelica Jimenez -- the Chandler woman who had a 4-month-old baby in her care end up with a cigarette burn, 14 broken bones, and bruising all over her body last year -- got her punishment.

She was sentenced to a decade of probation.

Jimenez, 25, pleaded guilty to child abuse in January for just standing by as her convicted felony boyfriend allegedly abused the baby.

Jimenez was a friend of the baby's mother, who had recently lost custody of the girl. The baby was placed in Jimenez's care after she failed to disclose to a Child Protective Services caseworker that her convict boyfriend, Steven Saldana, was living with her.

In fact, she explicitly told CPS that Saldana wasn't living with her.

According to the Chandler Police Department, the baby was rushed to the hospital on August 3, after Jimenez discovered she wasn't breathing.

Doctors resuscitated the girl, and discovered the apparent abuse.

​ Jimenez initially told police she was alone with the baby when the girl stopped breathing, but detectives eventually discovered that wasn't exactly the case, as Saldana was there too.

Police say Saldana actually started abusing the baby on July 31, 2011 -- nearly a month before the hospital trip. Jimenez never reported the abuse to police, and even let Saldana return to the apartment.

Jimenez was sentenced today to a decade of probation, while Saldana's slated to go to trial on a single child-abuse charge.

This morning's question: Did Jimenez get off easy for allowing her boyfriend to use the baby as an ashtray?

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