Phoenix Police: Habitat for Humanity to Destroy House. The Perfect Distraction

The Phoenix Police Department announced last night around 9 p.m. that at 9 a.m. today Habitat for Humanity would be destroying a house on their behalf, and they'd like the media to join them for a press conference.

Not to say we're cynical of the timing of such an announcement (OK, maybe a little), but it comes just hours after the department took it on the chin in the media over a fraud investigation into 25 PPD officers.

We have a feeling that if this were a scheduled media event (that just happened to fall the day after news of the investigation broke) we would have heard about it a little sooner than 12 hours before it's supposed to take place.

In other words, telling the media a house is going to be demolished -- and they're invited -- is like shakin' keys at a baby.

It could just be a coincidence -- the PPD, by most accounts, has been very transparent when it comes to its (ahem) issues.

Either way, we're takin' the bait, and will be there with a camera to get photos of a house being destroyed for our loyal readers. It sounds like it should be pretty awesome -- it seems to involve a hoarder, what could be a lot of animal feces, and hopefully a backhoe.

From the Phoenix PD:

Numerous investigations and police resources were utilized to address this location and attempts to communicate with property owners proved ineffective. A working partnership was created between the City of Phoenix Police Department, Maricopa County Attorney's Office, City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services, City of Phoenix Real estate Department, and Habitat for Humanity. This partnership has resulted in the scheduled demolition of this home tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. by Habitat for Humanity.

Phoenix Vice-Mayor Michael Nowakowski, Councilman Claude Mattox, and Phoenix Police Lieutenant Sean Connelly are tentatively scheduled to appear and speak.

Check back to Valley Fever later today for the photos.