Glenn Winningham Fearn of Arizona Accused of Trying to Smuggle Weapons Into Canada

Glenn Winningham Fearn, a sovereign-citizen nut from Arizona and Texas, has been accused by Canadian authorities of trying to smuggle banned weapons across the international border.

Fearn, who in his many civil court filings over the years refers to himself as "Glenn Winningham; house of Fearn," was caught on October 11 at the Coutts crossing just north of Sweetgrass, Montana. Fearn's illegal stash, (see picture below), resembles the legal contents of a typical Arizonans' hobby cabinet: Several high-capacity magazines for semi-auto rifles, a blowgun and a couple of knives. But in the gun-less utopia of Canada, apparently, those items aren't allowed.

Canadian news services are reporting today that Fearn's being slapped with nine criminal charges and his scheduled to appear before the Lethbridge Provincial Court on November 19th.

On his Facebook site, Fearn refers to himself as a "hacktivist" and "political enthusiast," and he links to a couple of sites promoting the "sovereignty" movement. He lists Raymond, Alberta, as his hometown, says he lives in Azle, Texas. However, he put a Casa Grande address on civil and traffic-court documents in recent years. He's the kind of guy who, in 2008, thought it necessary to file a lawsuit against the Queen of England, IRS, Mormon Church and the state of Arizona because of perceived wrongs.

No doubt, as he sits in a Canadian jail cell, he's thinking about the outrageous injustice of it all.